Friday, January 20, 2012


God is the king that you should follow.Not the king in the city but the king of all nations.You are the servant of God.Even if you can not see him he is still there and you can not see him but he can still see you.If you are in danger try not to worry because God is with you.It is not all of those herbs that can save you because if God wants you to die than you will die. You can not hide from God because he can always see you. God wants you to be christian too.God knows if you are a cristian or not.He can know what you are thinking and how you feel.You know what God wants you to do and non-christians do not believe that God can do all of that.God knows if you are a christian or not and you know if you are a christian or not.You know if you are doing the right thing or not and what God wants you to do.The Bible is a very good thing to have.

 Well, I better go now.

 Love, Patience.


  1. Wonderful Post Patience!!!

    ~Your Friend~


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