Sunday, July 22, 2012


Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi I am going to wight a story about my wonderful pony Roxie had her baby Indy tried to heart the we tied him the yard for a Long time until we put him in the pasture.and then one day we went Looking for Him in the pasture and we cud not find him so we Looked more and we still cud not find him daddy said that probably went to the Nabers so we asked around but know one saw we went to give some cows to Rodriguez,s and wine we came home Indy was tied to a tree.Vashti had saw him eating grass in the yard.he was fine we gave him a lot of lovings and we gave him grain.that beautiful pony was OK!Finlay misty had her baby and we put him in with his mares and Misty's baby was a new baby so Indy tried to heart the new baby but misty would not let him she was to protective of her baby so Indy did not Triey to heart the baby so he got to stay with his mares and beautiful Indy got to stay and he was kind to the Little babes.

                                                      I got to go now Patience.