Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Syrup!

Hello!in the eary spring when we tape the maple trees it is very fun.we find the maple tree that we want and we put a hole in the tree.and then we put a silver thing in the tree.and then we put a rubber thing on the silver thing then we wire a bucket and the next day the sap is usually dipping it is a lot of fun.        

                                               well I better go now

                                 Love patience.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The farm

Hello! we have a lot of animals on The Farm.and some of them are very tame. we have cows a horse and chickens.we have a lot of cikines and 11 cows and one horse all of Tame are favorite chickens are golden blackie Macky and Rockey.the 2 first ones are girls and the other ones are boys.and we have a rabbit but she got lost. 

                                            well I'de better go
                                                      love patience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my Horse indy

The horse is doing much better Tobias and me are going To Train The Horse. we all ready Trained Him a little.that was a lot of fun.He ran away once.we got Him Back is a lot of fun with Him Here.we love Him and give Him a lot attention. He loves it.He trotted with Me on His was a lot of fun too! and He went up the driveway!I love Horses! they are Beautiful animal's!I love Him very much.He is so Beautiful!He loves me very much Too.

                                                    Love Patience

Thursday, February 2, 2012

About Me

Hello. my name is patience. I am 8 years old  and  I have blond hair and blue eyes and my favorite color is blue.I love ridding horses and playing with other animals too.the animals that are mine are a rabbit a cow and a chicken named rabbit is black she is very pretty.we have a horse but that is not mine it is is a He and it is a shetland pony.He is 12 years old but we can still ride Him.I love playing with my other siblings too.I would love to have a ranch some day.That would be a lot of fun.I have my room down stairs now with my sister Vashti. My aunt Abby is up here now I think that is a lot of fun.I have to let you go here in a couple of minutes because I have to tend my baby brother Titus. he is very cute.I love to right too. I love to right on my blog.I think that is a lot of fun.the names of my siblings are Silas 13, Vashti 11, me 8, Tobias 6, Ezekiel 4, Isaac 2, and Titus 3 months old.I love to crochet and make bracelets and I love to sew and to help in the house and  in the kitchen.I love cooking and helping daddy around the farm too.and helping him fix stuff like the equipment well I better go now love patience.