Sunday, December 18, 2011



Monday, December 12, 2011


God  says  to love  his people  and  read  the  bible  to  learn  about  him. to be able  to now  the  truth  and  the  bible  says  to love  your enemies.  and  return  good  for  evil. if you  be  kind  to your enemies they  might realize  what god  has done. and  even  if it seems  hard  to love your  enemies you  should  hold  baek your  anger and  love  your enemies I hope you all have a great  time learning about the bible  and do  what God wants . and God wants you to love everything even your  enemies  and he wants you to obey him and serve him and to do what he wants and not what you what and dont try to hide because he can always see you. good by now.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


i have a cow named  brownie she is a  reddish  color and   she  is very tame to  she  never  bucks  you  off
win you  ride her we ride  her some  we uesed to ride  her a lot  you  can  ride  her  in  with  the  otfher  cows  we  have  a lot  of other  cows  and some of the  other cows  are  tame  but to of them  are  the  worst  cows  in the  wold  and we had  to milk them  to.